Web Development

Web development. Mostly PHP solutions with frameworks like Zend, Python with frameworks like Django.

Mobile Development

Native Android and iOS apps, cross-platform technologies (Phonegap, JQuery Mobile).

System / Network Administration

Mostly with Linux systems and Cisco devices, 4+ years of working experience and 10+ years in the Ubuntu community.

  • 2017


    CTO, technical project manager

  • 2015


    Senior Web Developer. Mostly PHP/HTML5/JS/CSS and cross-platform mobile technologies

  • 2014

    Freelance, iOS

    Now I'm a freelance, working in web applications, mobile apps, most of the times relating the two things! I've published my first iOS app in the App Store.

  • 2013

    Nice, Eurecom

    Moved to Nice for a Master and then working for Eurecom in the Mobile Communications department.

  • 2012

    First Android app published

    A new beginning for my professional life. The "Friends Monitor" app was first published on the Play Store, now it has more than 55000 downloads.

  • 2010

    System/Network Administration position

    System and Network administration in the Viminale building in Rome, 3 years.

  • 2005

    First Big Freelance project

    First big web application for a client: a webmail written in Python, with the Django framework.

  • 2004


    Previously with Debian, I've adopted Ubuntu since the first release, becoming during the years a member of the LoCoTeam Council, admin of the Web, Forum, IRC groups in the Italian LoCoTeam, and an Ubuntu Member.

Web development

Mobile Development

System Administration

Network Administration

Years of web devel.
Years of mobile devel.
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Some Awesome! Clients

wineowine srl
Telecom italia
Reiss Romoli
Nov 1
Nov 1

Migrate a large website to a new hostingwith FTP and CPanel (or similar) only

Recently I had to move a Magento 1.7 (if you are in a similar situation, please suggest to upgrade at least to Magento 1.9.X) website from a Linux server with SSH access to an hosting solution that has only FTP and a CPanel access. The first two parts are generic, the third is specific for […]

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Sep 1
Sep 1

Stripe Shared Customers

Introduction & Scenario In a Stripe Connect scenario, a customer who makes a purchase from one of your connected sellers shouldn’t need to re-enter their credit card or bank account details to purchase from another seller. Without Shared Customers, you will have to re-enter all the customer details, creating a Customer Object, on each connected account. With Shared […]

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