Mobile Development

Native Android and iOS apps, cross-platform technologies (Phonegap, JQuery Mobile).

Web Development

Web development. Mostly PHP solutions with frameworks like Zend, Python with frameworks like Django.

System / Network Administration

Mostly with Linux systems and Cisco devices, 4+ years of working experience and 10+ years in the Ubuntu community.

  • 2015


    Senior Web Developer. Mostly PHP/HTML5/JS/CSS and cross-platform mobile technologies

  • 2014

    Freelance, iOS

    Now I'm a freelance, working in web applications, mobile apps, most of the times relating the two things! I've published my first iOS app in the App Store.

  • 2013

    Nice, Eurecom

    Moved to Nice for a Master and then working for Eurecom in the Mobile Communications department.

  • 2012

    First Android app published

    A new beginning for my professional life. The "Friends Monitor" app was first published on the Play Store, now it has more than 55000 downloads.

  • 2010

    System/Network Administration position

    System and Network administration in the Viminale building in Rome, 3 years.

  • 2005

    First Big Freelance project

    First big web application for a client: a webmail written in Python, with the Django framework.

  • 2004


    Previously with Debian, I've adopted Ubuntu since the first release, becoming during the years a member of the LoCoTeam Council, admin of the Web, Forum, IRC groups in the Italian LoCoTeam, and an Ubuntu Member.

Web development

Mobile Development

System Administration

Network Administration

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Magento2 database transactions: how to save multiple model instances

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Magento2 Rest APIs: add a bundle to cart

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