Small work-oriented walk through my experience.

Small intro

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During almost my entire life I’ve developed web apps, especially with PHP, using services like MySQL and OpenLDAP.
I’ve explored the Android and iOS world, too, natively and with cross-platform technologies.
I had different experiences as a sysadmin and network admin.
The mix of all these experiences has made me a good observer of the architecture of a service, partecipating in almost every aspect of the process.
6+ years of experience in the E-commerce world.
I passed the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) with 95% (Scrum.org profile).
I passed the ITIL foundation certification with 95% (Credential ID 6102624.20701391).
I have covered the team leader position and the CTO position with great passion and love, mostly referring to the SCRUM framework.

Starting in 2019, I am working with the AI stack by Google in different forms.

More on my LinkedIn profile, or I will be more than happy if you want to get in touch.

What I do (Recap)

Main Focus

Google AI

Google AI

Google AI services, focusing on Vision AI, AutoML and integrating natural and rich conversational experiences through Dialogflow. Basically, entity extraction + NLP.

Firebase services at backend/frontend/app level.


PHP7.4 (Laravel >=6),  Typescript/JS (NodeJS + express).
MySQL, Firestore.

APIs (preferably REST).


React + redux.
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES6. Good old jQuery, Bootstrap.


Focusing on Google Compute Engine, to provide HA and dynamic scaling to services. Linux, Bash scripting, Web services configuration.

Network devices (mostly Cisco, Big-IP) like load-balancers, routers, firewalls, switches.


Magento (1.x, 2.x), WordPress (WooCommerce).

Stripe / Braintree (PayPal): SCA-ready, PSD2-compliant solutions (backend/frontend).


I am currently concentrated on the React Native world.
I have recently worked both on the Unpaper app and on the TiAssisto24 app.

Previously: native Android apps (Java times!), native iOS apps (Objective-C times!), PhoneGap, Titanium (cavemen times!).

Education & Certifications

Dual title of “Doctor of Science in Computer Science” in Italy and “Mention: Informatique; Spécialité: Informatique et Ingénierie Fondements” in France.

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) with 95% (Scrum.org profile).
ITIL foundation certification with 95% (Credential ID 6102624.20701391).

Work{ing,ed} with


  • Quick, Effective, reliable and high quality service! great experience! Thank you

    Fiverr.com buyer | January 2020
  • Hi, I probably fall into a pretty narrow niche which is a front-end web developer with high levels of experience and low-level skills. This helped me gather an understanding of concepts that I could never hope to implement myself. Through further research, it will allow me to develop an e-commerce solution that is completely my own - And this is the merit of such a lesson. Lorenzo clearly knows his stuff and I am looking forward to creating my site and sharing it with him.

    Sebastian Grant – Skillshare | January 2020
  • Lorenzo has over 6 years of experience developing full-stack applications in different environments from the ground up. He has a strong focus on web development, so much that he actually developed Magento and Magento2 e-commerce site based on. Highly recommended to improve in a new way the e-commerce application.

    Daniele Andreoli – LinkedIn | May 2017
  • Lorenzo is a hard-working person. He understands the needs of the colleagues and offers maximum availability and help, without losing the vision of the business goals. You can count on him.

    Gloria Rossi – Linkedin | May 2017
  • Lorenzo is a dear friend and a hard-working person, with eccellent skills and
    capabilities of co-working. Efficient and a goal-oriented developer.
    Highly recommended.

    Roberto Gradini – LinkedIn | May 2014
  • Lorenzo is a great guy, with a deep technical skill and very goal oriented. Highly recommended.

    Paolo Sammicheli – LinkedIn | May 2011
  • I've been working with Lorenzo within the Ubuntu Italian community for years. He is a very kind person, and the work he has done and is doing in particular to the Italian Ubuntu website is always topnotch. A key player in our community.

    Milo Casagrande – LinkedIn | May 2011







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