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Small work-oriented walk through my experience.

Small intro

Psst! Don’t want to read this stuff? Just have a look at the What I do (Recap) section.

During almost my entire life I’ve developed web apps, especially with PHP, using services like MySQL and OpenLDAP.
I’ve explored the Android and iOS world, too, natively and with cross-platform technologies.
I had different experiences as a sysadmin and network admin, too.
I am currently using NodeJS, mostly related to Firebase (Unpaper it’s one huge project with it).
The mix of all these experiences has made me a good observer of the architecture of a service, knowing almost every aspect of the process.
6+ years of experience in the E-commerce world.
I passed the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) with 95% (Scrum.org profile).
I passed the ITIL foundation certification with 95% (Credential ID 6102624.20701391).
I have covered the team leader position and the CTO position with great passion and love, mostly referring to the SCRUM framework.

Starting in 2019, I am working with the AI stack by Google in different form.

Google Vision to extract information from images together with Google Cloud AutoML Natural Language Entity Extraction, and Dialogflow to build natural and rich conversational experiences.

More on my LinkedIn profile,
or I will be more than happy if you want to get in touch.

Open to new projects!

What I do (Recap)


PHP>=5.6, NodeJS (express).
MySQL, Firestore.
APIs (preferably REST).


HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES6. jQuery, Bootstrap.


Linux, Bash scripting.
Network devices (mostly Cisco, Big-IP) like load-balancers, routers, firewalls, switches.

Platforms, Frameworks, Libraries, CMS, Services

Laravel 5.X, Firebase, Shopify.
Magento1.X, Magento2.X, WordPress(WooCommerce), Django.

Stripe: SCA-ready, PSD2-compliant solutions (backend/frontend) both for one-time payments and for subscriptions!

Google Vision, Google Cloud AutoML Natural Language Entity Extraction, Dialogflow


I am currently concentrated on the React Native world.
I have recently worked both on the Unpaper app and on the TiAssisto24 app.

Previously: native Android apps (Java times!), native iOS apps (Objective-C times!), PhoneGap, Titanium.

Work{ing,ed} with


  • Quick, Effective, reliable and high quality service! great experience! Thank you

    Fiverr.com buyer | January 2020
  • Hi, I probably fall into a pretty narrow niche which is a front-end web developer with high levels of experience and low-level skills. This helped me gather an understanding of concepts that I could never hope to implement myself. Through further research, it will allow me to develop an e-commerce solution that is completely my own - And this is the merit of such a lesson. Lorenzo clearly knows his stuff and I am looking forward to creating my site and sharing it with him.

    Sebastian Grant – Skillshare | January 2020
  • Lorenzo has over 6 years of experience developing full-stack applications in different environments from the ground up. He has a strong focus on web development, so much that he actually developed Magento and Magento2 e-commerce site based on. Highly recommended to improve in a new way the e-commerce application.

    Daniele Andreoli – LinkedIn | May 2017
  • Lorenzo is a hard-working person. He understands the needs of the colleagues and offers maximum availability and help, without losing the vision of the business goals. You can count on him.

    Gloria Rossi – Linkedin | May 2017
  • Lorenzo is a dear friend and a hard-working person, with eccellent skills and
    capabilities of co-working. Efficient and a goal-oriented developer.
    Highly recommended.

    Roberto Gradini – LinkedIn | May 2014
  • Lorenzo is a great guy, with a deep technical skill and very goal oriented. Highly recommended.

    Paolo Sammicheli – LinkedIn | May 2011
  • I've been working with Lorenzo within the Ubuntu Italian community for years. He is a very kind person, and the work he has done and is doing in particular to the Italian Ubuntu website is always topnotch. A key player in our community.

    Milo Casagrande – LinkedIn | May 2011

Code is what I do

Work & passion.
10+ years.


4+ years in the E-Commerce world.

Mobile / Apps

React Native.
APIs integration, both custom and third-party ones.

System / Network Admin

For several years in my life I have explored the sysadmin, network admin area.

Managing teams

ITIL Foundation Certification.
Using Scrum.

Open Source

Proudly grown up in the Linux ecosystem & communities.



Full-stack developer.
NodeJs (express).
PHP(>=5.6), LAMP stack.
Python + Django.
React, React Native, Bootstrap, jQuery.
E-Commerce expert.


React Native.
APIs integration, both custom and third-party ones.


I have always took care of the full architecture, deployment, PCI-compliance, maintenance of all the Linux-based devices running the services I work with.



Feel free to get in touch.

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