.main focus

NodeJS facing a new challenge with new stack and tasks: nodejs-based/fastify-based services to erogate a graphql federation on aws infrastructure, moving legacy code to the new stack, …
focus on the e-commerce project, with commercetools as the main e-commerce engine.

.previous focus

Google AI google ai services, focusing on vision aiautoml and integrating natural and rich conversational experiences through dialogflow (entity extraction + nlp).
firebase services at backend/frontend/app level.
real-time web applications with socket.io.
all of this is part of our awesome project in tiassisto24 that led us to be approved for the google cloud for startups program ’21.

.back end

.current + .previous focus +

javascript/typescript (nodejs + express / fastify), graphql federation.

php >=7.4 (laravel>=6.x), 
mysql, mongodb, firestore.

.front end

react + redux.
html5, css3, material, javascript, es6. good old jquery, bootstrap.


react native world.
previously: native android apps (java times!), native ios apps (objective-c times!), phonegap, titanium (cavemen times!).


commercetools, shopify,
magento (1.x, 2.x), woocommerce (wordpress).
stripe / braintree (paypal)sca-ready, psd2-compliant solutions (backend/frontend).


focusing on google compute engine before, now aws, to provide ha and dynamic scaling to services. linux, bash scripting, web services configuration.
network devices (mostly cisco, big-ip) like load-balancers, routers, firewalls, switches.

.education & certs

dual title of “doctor of science in computer science” in italy and “mention: informatique; spécialité: informatique et ingénierie fondements” in france.
• professional scrum master I (psm I) with 95% (scrum.org profile).
• certified scrum developer (csd) (badge).
• itil foundation certification with 95% (credential id 6102624.20701391).
• google cloud – create and manage cloud resources (qwiklabs profile).
Google Cloud - Create and Manage Cloud Resources