.main focus

NodeJS nodejs-based/fastify-based services to erogate a graphql federation on aws infrastructure, moving legacy code to the new stack, …
focus on the e-commerce project, with commercetools as the main e-commerce engine.

.previous focus

Google AI google ai (vision ai/automl), natural and rich conversations through dialogflow (entity extraction + nlp).
firebase at backend/frontend/app level.
real-time web applications (socket.io).
🎉 selected for google cloud for startups program ’21 and ’22.

.back end

.current + .previous focus

javascript/typescript (nodejs + express / fastify), graphql federation, aws services.

php >=7.4 (laravel>=6.x), 
mysql, mongodb, firestore.

.front end

react + redux.
html5, css3, material, javascript, es6. good old jquery, bootstrap.


flutter world.
previously: react native, native android apps (java times!), native ios apps (objective-c times!), phonegap, titanium (cavemen times!).


commercetools, shopify,
magento (1.x, 2.x), woocommerce (wordpress).
adyen / braintree (paypal) / stripe: sca-ready, psd2-compliant solutions (backend/frontend).


focusing on google compute engine before, now aws, to provide ha and dynamic scaling to services. linux, bash scripting, web services configuration.
network devices (mostly cisco, big-ip) like load-balancers, routers, firewalls, switches.

.education & certs

dual title of “doctor of science in computer science” in italy and “mention: informatique; spĂ©cialitĂ©: informatique et ingĂ©nierie fondements” in france.
• professional scrum master I (psm I) with 95% (scrum.org profile).
• certified scrum developer (csd) (badge).
• itil foundation certification with 95% (credential id 6102624.20701391).
• google cloud – create and manage cloud resources (qwiklabs profile).
Google Cloud - Create and Manage Cloud Resources