Stripe Connect Custom with Direct Charges

Introduction & Scenario The scenario covers a reader (you!) that wants to: create a marketplace; take some fee on every transaction between users of its website/app and a connected vendor; guarantee a user-friendly experience for its vendors, in order to not let them front the procedures on the Stripe platform, but directly through its website/app […]

Pubs/Restaurants/”places” APIs comparison

I was looking for a free service providing access to pubs/restaurants/commercial activities providing basicallylatitude,longitude and a string representing the commercial activity and this is my experience: Google Places: A LOT of places are missing! TripAdvisor: you have to fill a form and wait for their approval, based on their own criteria..I don’t think we can […]

The Happiness Diary – 0.9.2

Hey, good news right there! The Happiness Diary is already at the version 0.9.2 with awesome new features. The most important one is that we can finally check the statistics about our friends, sorted by score or by events number! Download it for free from the Play Store right now!