Node, body-parser and Shopify webhooks verification

Introduction: Node + express + body-parser + Shopify? Are you using Node/express/body-parser and Shopify, and (you would like to use) its webhooks? If the answer is YES to the questions above, I am going to suggest here a way to solve a common problem. NOTE: This and much more is covered in the Coding Shopify webhooks and API usage: a […]

Exploring Firebase CLI with some Firestore tips

Introduction: Firebase CLI   According to the github page of the firebase-tools project, the firebase cli can be used to: Deploy code and assets to your Firebase projects Run a local web server for your Firebase Hosting site Interact with data in your Firebase database Import/Export users into/from Firebase Auth   The web console is […]

Internationalization with PhoneGap: Solution 1

Introduction If you’re starting a new PhoneGap project, probably you’ll have to support different languages. With native apps, each platform (Android, iOS, etc…) gives you all the needed tools to handle this problem. But what if we’re using a cross-platform technology like PhoneGap? In this article I will report a step-by-step guide to achieve this […]

>Finalmente si alza il sipario: ecco il nuovo sito di ubuntu-it

>Signore e signori,dopo mesi di durissimo lavoro (che in realtà è il lavoro-dopo-il-vero-lavoro-ovvero-tempo-libero) siamo felicissimi e fieri di presentare la nuova veste del sito ufficiale di ubuntu-it: Un cambio che vede il passaggio ad un nuovo CMS (Drupal), una grande attenzione ai contenuti, e una grandissima attenzione all’aspetto grafico.Alcuni aspetti non sono ancora stabili al […]