Node, body-parser and Shopify webhooks verification

Introduction: Node + express + body-parser + Shopify? Are you using Node/express/body-parser and Shopify, and (you would like to use) its webhooks? If the answer is YES to the questions above, I am going to suggest here a way to solve a common problem. NOTE: This and much more is covered in the Coding Shopify webhooks and API usage: a […]

Exploring Firebase CLI with some Firestore tips

Introduction: Firebase CLI   According to the github page of the firebase-tools project, the firebase cli can be used to: Deploy code and assets to your Firebase projects Run a local web server for your Firebase Hosting site Interact with data in your Firebase database Import/Export users into/from Firebase Auth   The web console is […]

Handling execution time for PHP (FPM)

The problem: setting max_execution_time / using set_time_limit() I don’t get the wanted results If you are here, you are probably looking for an answer to the question: why set_time_limit() is not working properly and the script is killed before? or why ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, X), is not working properly and the script is killed before? The answer is not exactly […]