Friends Monitor – important iOS bugfix

Dear Friends Monitor iOS users, for some devices the app was not working, for others it crashing under certain circumstances. Please wait just 1 day or maybe 2, the time for the App Store process to approve the updated version with all the fixes. Sorry for the problems.  

App Store submit process

I just want to say that I am very, very, extremely disappointed by how the uploading process is done. I am trying to fix a problem from this morning, that seems to be a very common problem according to what I can see in Stack Overflow, for example. So, you ask: “So? What is this … Continue Reading

Internationalization with PhoneGap: Solution 1

Introduction If you’re starting a new PhoneGap project, probably you’ll have to support different languages. With native apps, each platform (Android, iOS, etc…) gives you all the needed tools to handle this problem. But what if we’re using a cross-platform technology like PhoneGap? In this article I will report a step-by-step guide to achieve this … Continue Reading

>Mono + iPhone

>Miguel de Icaza ci informa che diverse applicazioni nell’Apple App Store hanno Mono alla proprie spalle (lo stesso de Icaza ne elenca circa 40).Per far sì che questo sia possibile, si utilizza la compilazione AOT (ahead-of-time) – semplicemente passando il flag –aot – per convertire il CIL (common intermediate language) del .NET direttamente nel codice … Continue Reading