The Happiness Diary

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The Happiness Diary

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What’s this?

The Friends Monitor main aim is to notify you when your Facebook friends become available to chat and collect this type of information to create statistics. You can select the friends you want to monitor.
No data will be published on Facebook or notified to the monitored friends.
A system of daily, weekly, monthly graphs will show you the way in which your friends are available on Facebook.


How does it work?

You open the app, access the Facebook friends list and select the friends you want to monitor.

From that moment, the app will check regularly, in background, the online activity of the selected friends. According to the interval you can set in the settings, you can even receive notifications when one or more friends become available. After some time you will be able to check the hours and days in which your selected friends are online.


Amazing! Is it free?

Yes and no.

Yes for Android, No for iOS.


Why is different between iOS and Android?

The Android version was my first mobile project ever. As you can see is very simple, and of course not perfect.

Now is even “old”, technologically speaking.


The iOS app uses all the latest technologies and is very catchy, this is why it has a cost and why it’s available only to iOS versions greater than or equal to 7.