Friends Monitor – important iOS bugfix

Dear Friends Monitor iOS users, for some devices the app was not working, for others it crashing under certain circumstances. Please wait just 1 day or maybe 2, the time for the App Store process to approve the updated version with all the fixes. Sorry for the problems.  

Friends Monitor available on the App Store!

Finally, Friends Monitor is available for iOS, too! After more that 50000 downloads of the Android version, finally it is available for iPhone users, too. Get it now from the App Store! What is about? The Friends Monitor main aim is to notify you when your Facebook friends become available to chat and collect this type […]

App Store submit process

I just want to say that I am very, very, extremely disappointed by how the uploading process is done. I am trying to fix a problem from this morning, that seems to be a very common problem according to what I can see in Stack Overflow, for example. So, you ask: “So? What is this […]

Hey there! A new website is here!

Dear all, probably no one cares about it, and probably saying this is not the best way to promote something, BUT anyway I’m happy to say that I have finally updated my personal website. I don’t want to lie to you! So, I will tell you a secret: I have simply customized a beautiful version […]

Mac OS X, Apache, php, gettext

Da storico utente Linux sto facendo un po’ fatica ad entrare nel mondo della mela (abbracciato per motivi puramente professionali, leggi sviluppo su piattaforma iOS). Dato che ci sarà sicuramente qualcuno come me, abituato a risolvere con un apt-get install <qualcosa>, ho deciso di riportare qualche trick particolare in maniera da (se qualcuno capitasse da […]