Google Vision: detect text in PDFs synchronously with PHP

The Vision API now supports online (synchronous) small batch annotation (PDF/TIFF/GIF) for all features. To do so, the relevant documentation is Small batch file annotation online. Let’s see how can we do this with PHP. Context Having PHP >= 7.4, the packages to require are: google/cloud-vision google/cloud-storage Code How to upload the file in the storage Soon. Text … Continue Reading

Choosing the technology behind a mobile app for a startup in 2021: Native vs cross-platform (part 1)

What you should know if you are reading this Our goal is to have a look at the mobile app development technology for startups in 2021, in order to publish an app for Android and an app for iOS with the perfect trade-off between quality and time+resources. How do we choose the best technology to … Continue Reading

Firebase, cloud messaging and problems receiving background notifications

2020-12-11 18:39:36.965 14746-14746/your.bundle E/RNFirebaseMsgReceiver: Background messages only work if the message priority is set to ‘high’ This is something you can find in your adb logcat output when sending a push notification (cloud message) and your app is in background. More specifically, the problem is mostly related to the idle status of your device. This … Continue Reading