Stripe Shared Customers

Introduction & Scenario In a Stripe Connect scenario, a customer who makes a purchase from one of your connected sellers shouldn’t need to re-enter their credit card or bank account details to purchase from another seller. Without Shared Customers, you will have to re-enter all the customer details, creating a Customer Object, on each connected account. With Shared … Continue Reading

Stripe Connect Custom with Direct Charges

Introduction & Scenario The scenario covers a reader (you!) that wants to: create a marketplace; take some fee on every transaction between users of its website/app and a connected vendor; guarantee a user-friendly experience for its vendors, in order to not let them front the procedures on the Stripe platform, but directly through its website/app … Continue Reading

PCI Compliance made simple

Are you trying to understand if your server has to be PCI compliant? Are you reading some docs around and the more you read, the more you are confused? Here’s some very simple and short tips for PCI compliance, according to Braintree and SecurityMetrics sources (you should check with your payment gateway / Qualified Security … Continue Reading

Magento2 database transactions: how to save multiple model instances

Sometimes in your logic you have to save different model instances at once. Magento1 already had the concept of transaction, using the classic singleton model: Mage::getModel(‘core/resource_transaction’) Magento2 has its concept of transaction, too, so let’s see with a simple example how to use this feature. Let’s say we have a DB table ‘table’ described as … Continue Reading