Hey Hey Hey (what’s happening!?)

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since the last time I’ve posted something on this blog.

So, since that day, there are some news that I’m going to briefly report here:


  1. My first native Android App Facebook Friends Monitor is available on Google Play for free, and I’m happy about the current results (more than 600 downloads, 5/5 stars), obtained without any type of marketing/ADs/whatever..there are a lot of new features to add, but for now they’re suspended (see 4.!);
  2. I’ve done some exciting and successfull professional collaborations, overall regarding web applications, mostly with my good friend PHP;
  3. I’ve revisioned, fixed bugs and sponsored on Google Play the official Italian FCM app, FCM Italia Mobile;
  4. I’m preparing a new great App. It will be a cross-platform app, based on Phonegap and JQuery Mobile. This app will be a killer app! Stay tuned;
  5. I’ve finally spent some time to put something on Github. During the next days/weeks I’m going to put other scripts/projects/whatever.


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